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Q. I've installed ZoneAlarm and have the MailSafe feature enabled. The headers for all MailSafe protected file attachments are being corruped by ZoneAlarm, so my attachments aren't showing up in my news reader. What happened and what do I do?
ZoneAlarm's MailSafe feature attempts to rename attachments with certain file extensions by altering the attachment header. ZoneAlarm, however, corrupts yEnc headers. For example, ZoneAlarm by default tries to rename all .ZIP files. The following line illustrates a proper yEnc attachment header:
=ybegin part=1 line=128 size=10485760 name=Moonlight_Sonata.zip
ZoneAlarm will corrupt this header when it renames the .zip extension to .zm9, to read:
=ybegin par   t=1line=128size=10485760name=Moonlight_Sonata.zm9
Notice how the spacing is fouled up. Neither yProxy, nor any news readers are going to be able to properly read (parse) that header.
ZoneAlarm properly handles UUE headers, but it fouls up yEnc headers. So, one solution is to run yProxy remotely on another computer that has Internet access but doesn't have ZoneAlarm installed. Therefore, yEnc traffic will not be inspected by ZoneAlarm, instead, only the UUE traffic will be seen by ZoneAlarm. A second option is to either turn off ZoneAlarm's MailSafe feature or alter the list of protected file attachments so that it doesn't attempt to alter the attachments for the messages that you are downloading. Finally, you can wait until ZoneLabs fixes ZoneAlarm.

From the formatting, it's clear that any message with the word begin (UUE and yEnc's keyword) on the same line as .ZIP would be corrupted by ZoneAlarm. To test my theory, I sent myself an email with the following text:
I will begin sending you a .zip file soon.
ZoneAlarm corrupted my message to:
I will begin send    ingyoua.zm9filesoon.
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