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yProxy Pro is a yEnc Decoder plugin that works with any newsreader!
The only official yEnc plugin for Windows! The easiest way to yEnc Decode!

You can read more about yEnc Decoders, the software industry, filmmaking, and other useful tips from the makers of yProxy on the yProxy blog.

The Brawny Lads are a 100% self-funded independent film production company, which means that we rely heavily on our software sales to help us through our endeavors.
Made in the US Brawny Lads Software is made, sold, and supported in the United States.

Need a commercial?
The Brawny Lads are an experienced independent film group. Contact them with any questions about making films.

Marcus Adams is a seasoned computer programmer, security expert, privacy advocate, and writes the quality software offered by the Brawny Lads. Marcus invented the yEnc proxy.
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