yProxy Pro is a yEnc Decoder plugin that works with any newsreader!
The only official yEnc plugin for Windows! The easiest way to yEnc Decode!

yProxy Pro Trial is the free 60-day trial version of yProxy Pro, the official yEnc Decoder for Windows. *Requires working Internet connection for trial activation.

BLJoin is a file splitter and file joiner that is licensed for free use.

yProxy Wizard is a program that configures Outlook Express, Windows Mail, Windows Live Mail, and Mozilla Thunderbird for yProxy. yProxy Pro includes this wizard. If your yProxy did not come with this wizard, then please use this one, which is intended for all versions of yProxy.

yProxy Pro Trial*
Size: 1.9MB

BLJoin v1.3
Size: 940KB

yProxy Wizard*
Size: 402KB
*Requires: yProxy

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