yProxy Pro allows any newsreader to support "yEnc" Decoding!
The easiest way to yEnc Decode!

Q. I'm downloading the "free" version of yProxy from somebody else's website because you no longer offer a link. Is this safe?
No. There are 10 immutable laws of security. The first one states:

"If a bad guy can persuade you to run his program on your computer, it's not your computer anymore."

Quoted from Microsoft's security website:

"That's why it's important to never run, or even download, a program from an untrusted source—and by 'source', I mean the person who wrote it, not the person who gave it to you. There's a nice analogy between running a program and eating a sandwich. If a stranger walked up to you and handed you a sandwich, would you eat it? Probably not."

With that said, here's your link to previous, free versions of yProxy.

Note: Non-Pro versions of yProxy do not support CRC error checking, file size checking, or thread priority setting. They are also limited to 10 connections. Finally, they are not supported for Windows Vista.

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