yProxy Pro allows any newsreader to support "yEnc" Decoding!
The easiest way to yEnc Decode!

Q. yProxy Pro won't accept my registration key. What's wrong?
Please be sure to enter your registration information, including first and last name, exactly as it was provided to you. Even the case (upper and lower case) must match. Please do not enter the dashes. You should be entering four digits into each box. In addition there are no letter O's or letter L's in a registration key, so please make sure that you're entering zeroes and ones.

Once you've entered the information, click the OK button and yProxy will close.

The next time you start yProxy, if you've entered a valid key, you won't be prompted again.

Likewise, if you haven't properly entered your registration information, you will continue to be prompted for the information.

You may also request your registration information.

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