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Q. I've just updated Windows XP by installing Windows XP Service Pack 2, and now I'm getting connection errors from my news reader. What happened?
Windows XP Service Pack 2 now enables the Windows Firewall by default. When Windows asked you to "Keep Blocking" or "Unblock" yProxy, you probably picked "Keep Blocking", when you should have picked "Unblock". That will teach you for not reading about updates before installing them. yProxy needs permission from the firewall to access the Internet. So, you have two options:
  1. Disable the Windows Firewall or
  2. Learn how to operate the firewall and add yProxy.exe to the exceptions list
Instructions for adding a program to the exceptions list can be found on page three of this document:

Understanding Windows Firewall in Windows XP Service Pack 2

You should, however, read the entire document. Don't worry, one day this whole firewall business will be as easy for you as tying your shoes, assuming you can do that. The Windows Firewall is just one more thing that Microsoft wants every PC owner to be able to manage.

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