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Q. I've verified that my settings are correct and that my news server is up, yet why do I still get the error "The TCP/IP connection was unexpectedly terminated by the server" or something similar when trying to connect to my news server?
If you do have everything setup correctly, you may still get the above error message due to:

Some people's firewalls (or NAT software like WinRoute) don't route traffic that has a source IP address of localhost ( When you use the "run locally only" option, yProxy binds to which means that yProxy's IP (the source IP) is So, when yProxy tries to make the connection to your news server, the traffic would be blocked by your firewall/NAT. You can always try turning off the "run locally only" option since you probably don't need the extra protection behind your firewall/NAT anyway. yProxy will then bind to your IP address instead of localhost.

The reason why traffic from localhost isn't routed is twofold:

  1. It prevents local traffic from going out on the wire.
  2. It prevents outside traffic from spoofing localhost.
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