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Q. I'm getting "The TCP/IP connection was unexpectedly terminated by the server" or something similar when trying to connect to my news server. I see the connection open up in yProxy, but it never connects to my news server. What now?
This error means that yProxy is unable to connect to your news server. If you can still connect to other things on the Internet, then verify the "NNTP Server Address" and "Remote Port" that you've entered into yProxy (try 119 for "Remote Port"). In addition, your news server could be down. If you're entering your news server's address by hostname instead of IP address, your news server's DNS server could be down. Verify that your news server is still up by connecting to it without going through yProxy.

Your firewall may be blocking yProxy from accessing your news server. Please ensure that you have configured your firewall(s) to allow yProxy to access the Internet.

Please make sure that the "NNTP Server Address" value in yProxy doesn't have any leading or trailing spaces and that the hostname is fully qualified (i.e. "news.comcast.com" instead of just "news.comcast"). While Outlook Express will work with leading or trailing spaces and will automatically add ".com" to the end of any hostname that doesn't contain a TLD, yProxy does not make those assumptions for you.

Please press the "Test" button on yProxy Pro's "Server" tab to test the connection from yProxy to your news server. Please ensure that the test succeeds before you proceed further.

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